Our research aims at investigating the role of cognitive markers in the early and differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease and their relationship with the underlying neurodegenerative process, with a particular interest for social cognition. Furthermore, we are interested in evaluating the relationship between socio-cognitive deficits, patients’ social vulnerability and family’s burden, exploring the effects of interventions to counteract cognitive decline. 

Research directions

  • cognitive deficits in neurodegenerative disease: Investigation of the cognitive profile in the differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease, and relationship with the neural correlates assessed through imaging biomarkers;
  • social cognition assessment: Development of new tasks for the assessment of social cognition deficits. Which is their clinical validity and utility in the diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease? Which is the relationship with caregiver’s burden? 
  • loneliness and cognitive decline: Which is the role of loneliness in social cognition abilities in physiological and pathological ageing? Can we act to counteract loneliness and cognitive decline?



2020-21 SCOT: An online intervention to fight loneliness and to promote cognitive well-being in the elderly, CARITRO foundation, from 24/08/2020 to 23/08/2021, PI: Costanza Papagno, role: CO-PI, partner: APSP Opera Romani, APSP Cesare Benedetti 


For a complete list see Alessandra Dodich personal webpage

Ongoing collaborations

  • Chiara Cerami, IUSS Pavia, Italy;
  • Chiara Crespi, University of Pavia, Italy;
  • Stefano Cappa, IUSS Pavia, Italy;
  • Valentina Garibotto, Nuclear Medicine Unit, Geneva University Hospitals.