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The second Workshop on Cognition and Evolution (CogEvo) took place in Rovereto, Italy, from the 17th to the 20th of June, 2010. The Workshop is sponsored by the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences at the University of Trento.

The goal of the Workshop is to provide a unique forum for researchers from a range of perspectives who are interested in cognition, neuroscience and evolution to come together to discuss their research and develop new directions and collaborations. The Workshop, different from larger conferences, aims at hosting a small number of speakers (all invited) with no concurrent talks. In addition to the individual talks, there will be a poster session for young researchers to present their work.


  1. Toshiya Matsushima (Hokkaido University, Japan)
  2. James Russell (Cambridge University, UK)
  3. Amanda Seed (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany)
  4. Laura Schulz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  5. Elizabeth Spelke (Harvard University, USA)
  6. Giorgio Vallortigara (University of Trento, Italy)
  7. Rudiger Wehner (University of Zürich, Switzerland)
  8. Amanda Woodward (University of Maryland, USA)  

Conference Organizers

  • Lucia Regolin, University of Padua 
  • Valeria Anna Sovrano, University of Trento
  • Elizabeth Spelke, Harvard University
  • Giorgio Vallortigara, University of Trento

Conference Office

  • Alessia La Micela


The workshop will begin on the evening of the 17th of June with a welcome reception open to all attendees.. The workshop will end around mid-day on the 20th of June.

The registration will be at Palazzo Piomarta, Corso Bettini, 84 - Rovereto, Italy.

The talks and poster sessions will be held at Palazzo Piomarta, Corso Bettini, 84 - Rovereto, Italy. 
Talks will be 40 minutes, with 20 minutes of discussion following each talk.

DAY 1 Thursday, June 17th

6 pm Registration and Welcome buffet

DAY 2 Friday, June 18th

8.30 am Registration
9.15 am Introduction to the workshop 
(By the Organizing Committee)
9.30 am Rudiger Wehner – University of Zürich: "Ant navigation: Maps in insect minds?"
10.30 am Coffee break 
11.00 am Elizabeth Spelke – Harvard University: "Natural geometry"
12.00 pm Break for lunch 
3.00 pm Coffee break plus Poster session 
5.00 pm Toshiya Matsushima – Hokkaido University: "Chick economics; some good reasons to be impulsive “

DAY 3 Saturday, June 19th

9.30 am Laura Schulz – Massachusets Institute of Technology: "Where Piaget meets Vygotsky: Exploration and inference in a social context"
10-30 am Coffee break
11.00 am Amanda Seed – Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology: "More than meets the eye: Causal knowledge in apes and children"
12.00 pm Break for lunch
3.00 pm Coffee break plus Poster session
5.00 pm James Russell – Cambridge University: "The spatiotemporal element in children’s episodic cognition"
8.00 pm Social Dinner Ristorante Tema ( Bettini 49, Rovereto)

DAY 4 Sunday, June 20th

9.30 am Amanda Woodward – University of Maryland: "Infants’ grasp of others’ actions"
10.30 am Coffee break
11.00 am Giorgio Vallortigara – University of Trento: "Aristotle and the chick: Evolutionary continuity of social brain biases"
12.00 pm End of the Workshop