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CIMeC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences

The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (MRI Lab) is situated in Mattarello (Trento) with other Laboratories for Functional Neuroimaging of CIMEC. The CIMEC 4T MR lab supports a variety of multi-disciplinary researchers investigating brain function.

The main goals of the MR lab are

  • Support users for standard and multimodal imaging research applications
  • Develop data acquisition and analyses methods that maximize the accuracy in the characterization of structural and functional processes
  • Maintain and monitor the lab for its safe and efficient use, run periodic MR safety training courses

The resources of the MR lab include

  • 4T Bruker MedSpec MRI: actively shielded, whole body 4.0 Tesla magnet, 40mT/m gradients (Siemens Sonata gradients) with a slew rate of 200 T/m/s. The MR system is equipped with two head RF coils: a birdcage transmit and eight channel receiver coil as well as a pure birdcage transmit & receive coil.
  • Peripheral equipment:
    - Back projection for visual stimuli (EPSON EMP-7900) used with removable acrylic screen
    - Various software packages for manipulating audio/visual stimuli (Eprime, Matlab psychophysics toolbox, ASF, Visage, Presentation)
    - Stereo headphones and microphone (SereneSound, Resonance Technology, Inc.)
    - Four-button response pads (Lumina)
    - Two fiber optic microphones for vocal registrations during imaging (Fibersound, FOM-DR1z)
    - MR compatible glass frames (COMO FRAME) and lenses (Ottica Soppa, Rovereto) that correct myopia. For each eye corrections are from -6 to +6 diopters in various steps.
    - Tactile piezoelectric stimulator (QuaeroSys)
    - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (MagVenture, Coil MRI-B88)
    - Eye tracker (Eyelink 1000)
    - MR-compatible EEG (Brainamp, 64 channel)
    - Galvanic skin responses (Brainamp GSR)


Staff in the MRI lab includes Jorge Jovicich (Lab coordinator), Nicola Pace (Physicist responsible for safety), Nivedita Agarwal (radiologist of the APSS, TN), Claudio Boninsegna, Francesca Zappini, Francesco Donato (Assistants for medical supervision in MR experiments), Pietro Chiesa (MRI Scanner Operator), Giulia Fratti, Manuela Orsini and Angela Serafin (Technical Operators).
The trained staff assists users in areas including general experimental planning, safety training, experimental design and data analysis training.