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The Transcranial Brain Stimulation (TBS) lab, operational since 2006, is a Research Facility providing cutting edge scientific and technical support in the application of non-invasive TBS techniques (TMS and tES) and in the combination of TBS with other imaging techniques (e.g., TMS-EEG).
People from TBS lab have an extensive experience in the development and application of paradigms using these techniques in the cognitive neuroscience field, and in the basic neurophysiological co-registration approach. The TBS lab has contributed to define international guidelines in these fields of research.
TBS lab is also pursuing translational research between plasticity studies in the laboratory and real world interventions in the field of clinical neurorehabilitation.
The facility provides professional consultation, support on experimental design, training and project execution.


TBS lab has appropriate spaces to run experiments in Mattarello and Rovereto (CeRiN). One, of the two rooms, is provided with a silent booth and preparation space for EEG recordings. The Facility is endowed with several state-of-the-art devices necessary for:

  • TMS stimulation;
  • tES stimulation;
  • Neuronavigation (SofTaxic);
  • EMG, EEG, ECG recording;
  • EEG recordings and analysis with TMS-EEG coregistration;
  • Nerve stimulation;
  • Software and computers for stimuli presentation;
  • Software for bio-electromagneticalmodeling (SimNIBS).

Services offered

TBS provides the following services:

  • Technical consultation and support for TBS protocols and experimental design;
  • Training and courses for TMS, tES and TMS-EEG co-registration;
  • Promotion activities;
  • Facility management-

On a case-by-case TBS shall combine the resources needed for a specific task (equipment, personnel and consumable), therefore customize a package.



The TBS Lab is situated in via delle Regole 101, 38123 Mattarello (Tn). For any inquiry send an email to the tbs-lab@unitn.it


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