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Within the Center, a Commissione Paritetica Docenti-Studenti (Joint Education Committee) has been established. The Committee's tasks include monitoring the educational offer and the quality of teaching of the Center, as well as the student service activities carried out by professors and researchers, the identification of  indicators for the evaluation of results, and the formulation of opinions on activation and de-activation of study courses.

The Committee remains in office for two years and consists of:

  • three members appointed by the Center's Administrative Board on proposal of the Director, selected among the professors and researchers of the Center;
  • three students representing all the Center's study courses, identified by the student representatives at the Center's Administrative Board among the elected students. If appropriate, the student representatives may also indicate the names of non-elected students.

The Committee shall draw up an annual report for each study course, to be sent to the University Nucleo di Valutazione, to the Presidio per la Qualità and to each study course, which receive it and use it to identify improvement proposals. The report shall consider the complete educational offer, with particular reference to the results of the student opinions survey, indicating any problems specific to each study course. The Committee must also ensure that the corrective actions indicated in the self-assessment Review Reports are effectively implemented and adequately monitored.

The Committee is currently  composed by:

Faculty members

Student members

  • Gabriele De Leonardis 
  • Margherita Marchioro 
  • Annika Katerina Tesio 

The Committee can be contacted by email at: