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Our researches mainly focus on these two main aspects of our "multisensory" nature:
multisensory integration (in neurotypical and neurological conditions)
crossmodal plasticity in sensory-deprived individuals (blind or deaf)
By using a plurality of methods (psychophysic, EEG/MEG, stereotactic-EEG, TMS, fMRI), we aim to rely on the respective advantages of each of them to converge toward a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms underlying crossmodal perception and plasticity

Research directions

The general goal of our research is to clarify the mechanisms of the interplays between our senses observed at behavioral and brain levels in human:
• crossmodal plasticity in sensory deprived cortices: we investigate the impact of sensory deprivation in shaping the functional properties of the immature and mature sensory cortices;
• Multisensory Integration (MSI): we study how this multisensory integration (MSI) ability ultimately allows us to interact with our surroundings and others in an optimal fashion;
• space, number, and time in the blind: the goal here is to study how developmental vision drives the development of the automatic recoding of specific sensory-perceptual-motor processing in an external/allocentric space.



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