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We have a broad interest in higher-level brain functions, their relation to lower-level computations, and the role of context.

Research Directions

  • Study of relation between knowledge represented in neural networks and knowledge in humans;
  • uncertainty and predictive processes: what are the principles that organize the brain’s responses to uncertainty, and how these support predictive processes;
  • neurobiology of language: organization and interactions between brain systems that support language comprehension.


  • Uri Hasson, Principal Investigator
  • Le Minh Nhut Truong (Nhut)
  • Anna Bavaresco (Research Assistant)
  • Natalia Flechas (Intern)
  • Dario Pesenti (Intern)


For a complete list see Uri Hasson personal page

Ongoing collaborations

Dr. Howard Nusbaum; the University of Chicago


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