CIMec in brief: the development phases of the center 


CIMeC sets goals in order to improve and develop and summarizes them in a Multi-year Development Plan. The Development Plan is therefore the document that sets out the strategic guidelines for the next five-year period by defining the guidelines of the Center and the strategic objectives that will guide the operational choices of the structure. It is the result of a collective and participatory drafting process, the result of a strategic planning process that involved and will involve the entire community of the Center.


CIMeC has completed its first 10 years of activity dedicated to the study of the functioning of the brain, through the analysis of its functional, neurophysiological and structural features, under normal and pathological conditions. This period consisted in the establishment of the overall architecture and infrastructure of the Center.

For more information see the below documents. 

application/pdfCIMeC Development Plan 2019_2025.pdf(PDF | 1018 KB)
application/pdfCIMeC_Objectives reached 2007_2018.pdf(PDF | 1 MB)