Research at CIMeC is conducted in five interdisciplinary laboratories: 

  • Neuroimaging Labs (LNiF)
  • Experimental Psychology Labs (EPL)
  • Animal Cognition and Comparative Neuroscience Lab (ACN)
  • Language, Interaction and Computation Lab (CLIC)
  • Center for Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (CeRiN)

CIMeC provides a range of cutting-edge laboratories, where dedicated and qualified technicians have been fundamental in operating the CIMeC's equipment. Research in Cognitive Neuroscience field has become increasingly challenging due to the expense and complexity of purchasing, operating, maintaining and using neuroscience technologies. Such technology, is no longer affordable by individual laboratories. Considering, that the equipment of the Laboratories is of vital importance to researchers, the objective of CIMeC is to ensure continuity in the availability of the resources necessary to carry out the research. Therefore, resources are centralized and open access is guaranteed to researchers, both internal and external, on the basis of precise rules, optimising the management of equipment and space.
In order to assure a long-term sustainability of this valuable infrastructure, users of CIMeC’s laboratories are asked to contribute to the expenditure of the service on the basis of costs and financial plans established by the University of Trento.

Other laboratories are managed in collaboration with other University Departments, as well as Research Institutions with whom the Center regularly collaborates:

  • Neurophysics Laboratory (NPhys), with the Physics Department;
  • Neuroinformatics Laboratory (NILab), with the Bruno Kessler Foundation;
  • Laboratory of Neurobiology and Neuroecology (INN Lab) with the Edmund Mach Foundation;
  • Laboratory of Ethology and Biological Evolution (EEE Lab) with the Museo Civico di Rovereto Foundation.