Trentino in Europa

The CIMeC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences is an interdisciplinary research and teaching center in the Cognitive Neuroscience field, located in Rovereto (TN) Italy. Its faculty and members originate from several countries all over the world.
The Center draws on faculty from several departments, including:

The CIMeC has been ranked as the leading Cognitive Neuroscience research unit in Italy. Its faculty have won several highly competitive grants including European Research Council (ERC) grants. The Center is responsible for a Master’s and Ph.D. program and enjoys success in placement of graduates of both programs. This is due to a strong emphasis on empirical work throughout the student’s formation stages.
CIMeC’s researchers study brain organization via the analysis of its functional, structural and phycological characteristics, in both normal and pathological conditions. The CIMeC is organized in five formal structures defined Laboratories in addition to collaborative Laboratories. In order to investigate the neural correlates of behavior the Center makes use of state-of-the-art neuroimaging and neurobiological methodologies. In addition, the CeRiN - Center for Neurocognitive Rehabilitation specializes in the study of clinical cases.

CIMeC Timeline

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