Research projects

Clinical research focuses on the development and standardization of tools for the diagnosis of neurocognitive impairments and novel neuro-rehabilitative techniques, including neuromodulation. Basic research includes studies on Language, Active perception, Learning and Plasticity. Specifically, we aim to understand the neural mechanisms underlying specific cognitive/linguistic impairments, in particular verb processing, speech and writing, and visuo-spatial analysis. Furthermore, we aim to improve diagnosis of early-stage dementia using machine-learning algorithms, and by collecting multi-level data for patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementias. Finally, we aim to understand the neural mechanisms underlying the recovery from cognitive/ linguistic impairments in subjects with acquired damage of the central nervous system, using fMRI, tDCS, and rTMS.

Studies are carried out by CeRiN personnel and by researchers from other CIMeC Labs (CLIC, LNiF, EPL) and from IIT.