The objective of the CeRiN Center for Neurocognitive Rehabilitation is threefold:

  • to provide clinical services essential to the community: we perform diagnostic evaluations to identify cognitive, linguistic, motor and visual field deficits. Based on the results from the diagnostic framework, we design specific rehabilitation programs both at individual and/or at group level, focused on patient clinical and cognitive profile;
  • to trainexperts in the clinical disciplines of cognitive neuroscience for the delivery of such services;
  • to carry out research in neuroscience, with the aim of understanding the mechanisms underlying neurocognitive disorders and their recovery as a consequence of neurorehabilitative intervention.

CeRiN activity is founded on the inseparable coexistence of clinical, educational and research (clinical and basic) activity in the cognitive neurosciences, as such coexistence guarantees constant innovation in clinical practice. Outcomes of research projects not only increase our knowledge of mind/brain relationships but they are transposed to clinical practice, becoming part of the educational activity.

For any further information see CeRiN dedicated webpage.