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CIMeC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences

The Neuroimaging Labs (LNiF) are committed to developing new techniques for imaging human brain and supporting their applications towards a more comprehensive understanding and better care of the human mind and body. This involves the development and continued improvement of new hardware, software and procedures for data acquisition, visualization and statistical analysis, and the application of these advancements to medically relevant investigation (with CeRiN).


MRI Lab: The main goals of the MRI lab are to support to users for standard and multimodal imaging research applications, the development of data acquisition methods that improve accuracy and sensibility, and the maintenance and monitoring of the lab for its safe and efficient use.

Faculty Lab Coordinator: Jorge Jovicich

MEG Lab: At the LNiF labs at Mattarello a 306 channel MEG system is available. The system allows for simultaneous recording of MEG and EEG at up to 128 electrodes. The lab is equipped with visual, auditory, tactile and electrical stimulators allowing for a wide range of neuroscientific studies. Also an eye-tracking system is available to measure eye-positions concurrently. Thanks to the nearby MRI lab, it is easy to get individual MRI anatomical images of the participant brain, strongly improving the precision in localization of MEG activity sources.

Faculty Lab Coordinator: Daniel Baldauf

TBS Lab: At the TBS lab, we are learning about normal brain function in areas such as motor control, language, social cognition and emotion, vision and memory. The TBS lab is also engaged in the possibility of therapeutic application of TMS in clinical setting and in the use of TMS in combination with other methodologies, in particular fMRI.

Faculty Lab Coordinator: Carlo Miniussi

Behavioural and Eyetracking Lab: Research in the Behavioral and Eye Tracking Lab includes studies on coding of statistical order, basic and high-level visual perception and visual attention.