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CIMeC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences

All persons working at CeRiN (The Center for Cognitive Rehabilitation) are engaged in clinical and research activities according to their individual areas of expertise. CeRiN’s members of staff comprise medical and paramedic personnel, administrative personnel and technical support staff, in addition to staff engaged in research activities.  

Medical personnel and researchers

  • Marika Falla (neurologist)
  • Costanza Papagno (clinical director)
  • Francesca Zappini (neurologist)

Research staff

  • Michela Adriani (neuropsychologist)
  • Elena Baruzzo (psychologist)
  • Edoardo Barvas (neuropsychologist)
  • Sara Bevacqua (neuropsychologist)
  • Maria Pennacchio (psychologist)

Healthcare professional

  • Arianna Adami (nurse)
  • Alessandra Tobaldi (speech therapist)


  • Vanessa Aresta (trainee)
  • Martina Bosetto (trainee)
  • Antea Caccia (trainee) 
  • Jessica Caretta (trainee)
  • Isabella Centomani (trainee)
  • Giulia Fontana (trainee)
  • Martina Frizzera (trainee)
  • Silvia Gobbo (trainee)
  • Chiara Longo (trainee) 
  • Claudia Meli (trainee)
  • Marta Molinari (trainee)
  • Chiara Sacchetto (trainee)
  • Roberta Sorio (trainee)

Technical staff

  • Laura Tovazzi (admin)
  • Mauro Zago (IT)