Che ti passa per la testa?Online meetings with CIMeC teachers | from 24 March to 10 April 2020

Cycle of ZOOM platform online meetings lead by CIMeC researchers. Citizens will be able to interact with the speakers by asking questions through their computer or smartphone. The meetings are conducted in Italian (except for one of them which will be in English) and are freely accessible. The topics range from Neuroscience to Psychology to Science and Technology, but it is not necessary to have special prerequisite knowledge.

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Food and Mind. The mechanisms that guide food choices | Rovereto, 29 October 2019

Public meeting on the sidelines of the Mimo Mind in Mouth workshop, an extraordinary dialogue between Cognitive Neuroscience, Sensory Sciences and the Clinical field, aimed to study the influence of sensory, affective and more generally, cognitive mechanisms on food preferences and on dysfunctional behaviors. The "multisensory" character of perception on which the attribution of meaning to the perceptionis based, and how this can be at the basis of pathological forms of nutrition makes the picture even more complex. For this reason, the research activity cannot ignore a strongly multidisciplinary approach that combines the skills and methodologies of Cognitive Neuroscience with Sensory Sciences, in order to provide possible suggestions to be applied in different areas of daily life, including that clinical.


  • Prof. Massimiliano Zampini - CIMeC UniTrento Centro Interdiparmentale Mente/Cervello, University ofTrento;
  • Prof. Flavia Gasperi -  Fondazione Edmund Mach  e C3A, University of Trento;
  • Dr. Carlo Pedrolli SS Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition, Santa Chiara Hospital,  APSS Trento;

The event is organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Rovereto and the Caritro Foundation.

CIMeC CITTÀ - alla scoperta della mente | Rovereto June-July 2019

In collaboration with the Municipality of Rovereto | Rovereto summer events 2019
A mini-series of neuro-scientific-themed conferences proposed with a popular style, for non-experts, for the pleasure of discovering the secrets and mechanisms that underlie our mind's functioning. Researchers from the Interdepartmental Center for Mind and Brain at the University of Trento welcome citizens in the splendid setting of Palazzo Fedrigotti's garden, involving it in a four-Wednesday circuit dedicated to Science, from neuroimaging to gender differences, from aging to deafness. And to discover the relationship between neurosciences and food, an extra appointment on Monday 24th June at the Cortesela Bondadi with the opening of the Coffee Museum.

Link to the event (in Italian)