Rovereto, April 15, 2019


This event represents the second joint workshop of these two research institutions, following the first edition held in Daejeon (Korea) during summer 2017. Under the framework of a bilateral agreement, researchers from CIMeC and KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) will join together to discuss recent advances in the field of neural basis of cognition and computational neuroscience.


CIMeC Rovereto Palazzo Fedrigotti (Conference Room 1st floor)


Monday April 15

9.00 Maurizio Marchese, UniTN Rector’s delegate for international development
9.10 Carlo Miniussi (Director of CIMeC): CIMeC
9.20 Jaeseung Jeong (KAIST)

KAIST speakers 

9.30      Sang Ah Lee: Hippocampal representation of spatial navigation and episodic memory encoding 
9.50      Sang Wan Lee: Prefrontal-striatal meta reinforcement learning 
10.10    Christopher Fiorillo: Dopamine and other value signals in reinforcement learning 
10.30    Coffee break
11.00    Se-Bum Paik: Spatial organization of functional architecture in visual cortex 
11.20    Sue-Hyun Lee: Top-down processes in working memory maintenance and emotional encoding
11.40    Jaeseung Jeong: The neural circuit underlying the alternating bilateral visual stimulation-based non-invasive treatment of fear disorders   

12.00 Lunch break for speakers/chairpersons 

CIMeC speakers

Institutional salutes - Province of Trento

14.00 Daniel Baldauf: Networks of attention
14.20 Roberto Bottini: Different neural networks for conceptual processing in sighted and blind people
14.40 Francesco Pavani: Language development in early deaf with cochlear implants: challenges and opportunities
15.00 Yuri Bozzi: Somatosensory defects in mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders

IIT/FBK speakers

15.20 Emanuele Olivetti: Testing hypotheses with machine learning in neuroscience
15.40 Alessandro Gozzi: Brain-wide mapping of spontaneous network dynamics in the mouse.

19.30 Dinner for speakers/chairpersons